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Our recruitment services

Are you finding it difficult to land a superstar employee?

From qualified tradesmen and skilled labourers to management personnel and quantity surveyors, through temporary direct, permanent or agency hire, we will always ensure we find the right candidate for you.

Simply give us a list of qualifications and skills important to you, list the hours you’ll need, and the going rate of this position’s salary and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us now to start hiring the right people for your needs.


Temporary Direct Hire

TDH allows employers to hire tradesmen directly onto their books on a temporary or contract basis at a significantly reduced cost in comparison to Agency rates. Paramount Job handles the recruitment process and the employer manages their own payroll which reduces the overall rate by up to 30%.

With many Employers requiring a large and flexible workforce in order to complete projects on multiple sites TDH has become a popular alternative to Agency with our clients, thanks to its operational and cost efficiency.

Permanent Hire

Choosing the right candidate to fill a position on a long term basis is an important decision for any business and Paramount Job is dedicated to providing the right options.

We have the experience and expertise to deliver candidates for any permanent role by attracting the very best candidates from the commercial and industrial construction sector, appealing both nationally and internationally to find talented individuals within industry.

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Agency Hire

An efficient solution for employers that are looking to fill a temporary position on a short term basis. Paramount Job will handle the recruitment and payment process for the duration of employment.

This option is popular with companies that use a limited number of temporary personnel and would prefer to outsource the entire process when they have a requirement. 

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