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Our enrolment process

A key part of our enrolment process is to ensure that our candidates and clients are suitable for one another.

During this process we will undertake pre screening :

  1. Ensure you have the right to work in the UK

  2. Confirm your identity 

  3. Check references and previous employment history

  4. Check any qualifications and cards you are required to have and ensure you are suitable for the role

Trade profile

Once you have supplied all the information we legally require, will conduct an interview, during this we can determine together what role is right for you. 
Our team will then create a trade profile dedicated to you to include all your relevant details and put you forward for any relevant vacancies that are suited to your skill set and pay grade.


Frequently asked questions

  • How will I be paid?

We offer 3 types of recruitment services to our clients, the client will decide what is best suited to them and wages will be paid by the following:


Direct hire: your employer will pay you directly via CIS payments, Paramount Job will not be liable for any payments. 


Agency hire: wages will be paid directly to you from Paramount Job

Permanent hire: your employer will pay you directly via CIS payments. Paramount Job will not be liable for any payments 


Your Paramount Job consultant will confirm this with you before you start in your new role. 

  • Is pre screening compulsory for all clients and roles? 

Yes, it is our legal obligation to ensure that all documentation you have supplied is correct and verified before we put you forward for any role with our clients

Continued FAQ's

  • How long will the screening take? 

We recommend that you have all the necessary documentation ready as quickly as possible, we can then start the screening process and put you forward to potential employers. 

  • What happens after the screening process? 

Once the screening process is complete we will put you forward to any potential employers that are suited for your job role. 

We will also keep your trade profile in our database so that we can put you forward if your placement is coming to an end or you are seeking a new role in the future. 

  • Can I see my trade profile? 

You can request a copy of your trade profile or any other data we hold on you by emailing, an administration fee will apply.